Helping the Residents of DeWitt County Achieve Mental Wellness

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Guiding the Community Toward Better Mental Wellness

Mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities make life challenging for some people. Some people hesitate to seek help due to stigma attached to such issues. The services these individuals need may not be easily accessible because of lack of transportation, insurance, availability of providers, and/or other access issues. That is where DeWitt County 708 Mental Health Board can help.

Our role in the community is to see that our residents have access to the mental health services they need. It is our goal to fund programs and services that provide residents with the help and support they need without the unnecessary barriers. In addition, we work to reduce stigma through provision of education and training in collaboration with others.

Mission Statement

The DeWitt County Mental Health Board’s mission is to provide access to comprehensive, community-based services in an efficient and effective manner to all residents of DeWitt County with mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities.

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